An idyllic garden paradise

Created by a Chelsea Award-winning landscape design team, Mulberry Court’s garden is a tranquil sanctuary, just waiting to be discovered. The garden unfolds as a sequence of connected, but separate rooms, each with its own character, designed to inspire your mood. Whether you’re looking for a space to plant out your favourite herbs and salad, a spot to enjoy an aperitif in the evening sun, or a quiet corner to be alone with your thoughts, you’ll find it here.

Mulberry Court Gardens

Six individually themed gardens

Welcome garden

A colourful wildflower meadow, constantly changing with the seasons welcomes you to Mulberry Court. There’s a rich mix of texture, scent and colour. Blue and purple tones blend with whites and pale yellows. Soft grasses surround the striking raised water feature, drawing your eye through to the gardens beyond. Around the perimeter, climbers on the brick walls provide a beautiful floral backdrop.

Entrance garden

The formal entrance gardens, often the first glimpse of Mulberry Court for visitors, set the tone for the whole design. Planting has been carefully chosen to include stunning magnolias, a mix of shrubs and herbaceous plants, and mature trees and hedgerows that create a welcoming feel, and the sense of a well-established garden.

Social garden

This is the heart of Mulberry Court’s gardens, a place to meet friends and relax on the flowering lawn, or in the shade of the pergola. The mediterranean planting is inspired by the much-loved olive tree that has long stood in this part of the garden, and creates a riot of colour: red, deep violet and blue, with accents of yellow and orange.

Eco garden

The Eco Zone is all about biodiversity and providing new habitats for local wildlife, with a mix of native and pollinator-friendly plants to support insects. Look out for ferns and low-flowering ground cover in the shaded areas, and bursts of brighter colours in the sunnier spots.

Kitchen garden

The Kitchen Garden is where you have the chance to demonstrate your green fingers, as you grow your own seasonal fruit and vegetables. Here you’ll find raised planter beds where you can plant out your own harvest, as well as pleached fruit trees along the garden perimeter.

Contemplation garden

Find space for a peaceful retreat, somewhere to relax and reflect. The Contemplation Garden features lush planting and a calming water pool. Its design centres on the historic mulberry tree for which this elegant development is named, and features abundant wildflower planting around a circular walking route.

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