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Lifestyle Residences, a family business, is the latest venture from John O’Neill, a renowned veteran of more than three decades in the property industry. John has a track record of delivering successful developments in some of London’s greatest places, from iconic historic buildings including the Palace of Westminster, to high end hotels such as the Dorchester, and world class restaurants including Corrigans of Mayfair.

With Lifestyle Residences, John and his experienced team are bringing the quality and attention to detail regularly deployed on major commercial projects like this, to residential developments available to buy across London.

At the heart of Lifestyle Residences’ work is a commitment to creating stylish, comfortable places to live, tailored exactly for the needs of their target market. Decision making and the design process is guided by a desire to create homes where quality of life is paramount.

Mission statement

To work in partnership with landowners to develop new homes carefully designed for the way buyers want to live today.

Our team

John O'Neill

John O'Neill

Founder & CEO

It has been our great privilege to design and build the Mulberry Court development in partnership with the owners of Our Lady of Westminster House, the Sons of Divine Providence. This exceptional charity has been caring for people in this country since arriving here more than sixty years ago. True to its founder’s motto, ‘Do good always, do good to all, harm nobody’, the charity has, over the years, provided residential care services for elderly people, for homeless elderly people and for people with learning disabilities.

Our new partnership has allowed the Sons of Divine Providence to take a creative approach to its portfolio of property and land assets, and in doing so, release funds that will be instrumental in allowing it to continue to successfully fulfil its charitable objectives.

With my team at Lifestyle Residences, I am very proud that the innovative joint venture structure we have created for this project gives this excellent charity the resources it needs to continue to do such important work, as well as opening up a new chapter for this special site, allowing a whole new community of home owners to enjoy its beauty and peace.

Conall O'Neill

Conall O'Neill

Strategic & Commercial Director

Jacquie Moncrieffe

Jacquie Moncrieffe

Director & Company Secretary

Claudia Riga de Spinoza

Claudia Riga de Spinoza

Interiors & Branding

Brand values


At the heart of every Lifestyle Residences development is a strong partnership forged between our team and an owner seeking to breathe new life into a building or piece of land. We have conceived a fresh approach to property development rooted in an innovative joint venture structure for funding that is extremely efficient for owners and helps unlock complex development opportunities. We are not just consultants but an integral part of the development team.


The developments we focus on are designed for three carefully defined markets: retirement and independent living, homes for first time buyers, and town-centre homes. Because of this focus, we have a very clear idea of what purchasers in these markets want. We are not just developing property, we are designing homes and communities for real people, with specific needs and aspirations for how they want to live.


John O’Neill and his team have been delivering complex construction projects in London for over 35 years. As such, Lifestyle Residences has an impressive track record demonstrating its ability to successfully fund, develop and market developments. As longstanding players in the sector, the team has ready access to a network of skilled professional partners from best in class designers to specialist construction expertise.


When we talk about ambition, it is not just about what we want to achieve for our own business. Our ambition spans our desire to achieve the very best commercial result for our landowner-partners, our aspiration to create homes designed with the highest possible levels of care and attention, and our desire to see buyers settled into places that are perfect for their needs.


Of course, the way we approach every development is creative, whether its finding innovative ways to repurpose an existing building or site, or in the way we blend new build into a historic, characterful setting. It’s also about how we do business – cementing partnerships with a diverse range of landowners including charities and religious institutions that often have very specific needs, and designing innovative joint venture structures to suit.

For more information please call us on 0208 132 4120 to book an appointment at our Marketing Suite at 25 Lower Teddington Road.

Call us on: 0208 132 4120